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Please note: To ensure our equipment stays in great shape, we do not allow fishing or pets on our boats. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please complete the reservation form below. You may choose the number and type of kayak(s) you would like to rent, your rental date and your pickup and return time.

We supply one paddle and a life jacket for each kayak rented. Fishing is allowed from our kayaks so feel free to bring your gear!

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The boat will have a full tank of fuel when you start your rental and you will be required to fill it back up when it is returned. You can avoid this hassle by prepaying for fuel prior to your rental. If you do not prepay for fuel and do not return the boat with a full tank of fuel, your deposit will not be returned to you.

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There are only 10 passengers allowed per boat. Please reduce the number of passengers to 10 or fewer.
There are only 8 passengers allowed for the available boat. Please reduce the number of passengers to 8 or fewer. If you need a larger boat, please call us.
If you do not have your boating license / vessel endorsement, we will provide you with a brief class on what you'll need to know to safely operate the boat. Once you finish this orientation, you will be required to complete this form provided by the US Coast Guard to indicate your understanding of the rules and regulations.

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